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Room Acoustics

We ensure the most favorable conditions for the generation, transmission, and perception of desirable sounds inside buildings.

How do we stand out?

We design space acoustically. We are aware that acoustic requirements depend on the functions.
We use innovative tools to bring the designing process to perfection.
Our services are performed in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and standards.
Through the convergence of acoustic and technology, we aim to deliver the best possible performance to our clients.


  • Assessment and prediction of room acoustics

    • Projects related to the room acoustics are aimed at improving the acoustical comfort in rooms such as open-space offices, private offices, cinemas, concert halls, sports halls, conference rooms.
    • Analysis and interpretation of the results performed by the experienced specialists in acoustics.
    • Customization of the acoustic solutions to the requirements and functionality of room and Client’s needs.
    • Presentation of the results and conclusions in a form of perspicuous reports.
  • Measurements of acoustic room parameters

    Measurements of the acoustic room parameters:

    • Reverberation time.
    • Speech Transmission Index (STI).
    • Interior sound level connected to the technical equipment operation (i.e. ventilation, air-conditioning).
    • Sound power level of the technical equipment.
  • Calculations of acoustic room parameters

    For existing facilities, it is possible to perform acoustic simulations in professional software aimed at improving the parameters of the interior. This approach allows you to select only solutions that will achieve the desired effect.

    Specialized software:

    • Odeon Combined – for modeling of architectural acoustics.
    • WinFlag – for modeling sound-absorbing acoustical systems.
  • Design of the acoustic quality of the space

    • Simulating the room acoustics at the design stage will allow for proper selection and adjustment of rooms interiors in order to meet the requirements for desired parameters.
    • The collaboration between an acoustician, an architect and an interior designer will allow them to develop the optimal architectural solution that pleases the eye and ear.
    • Using well-adjusted acoustic adaptations of the room, consisting of properly selected and located absorbers and diffusers, will help to achieve the desired effect. Adaptations will be used in commercial interiors and public utility facilities.
  • Auralization

    The acoustic presentation is realized by recreating different sounds in a given, simulated interior on headphones. This allows, among other things, to decide what acoustic adaptation of the interior will be required in a real building as soon as at the investment stage.

  • Consulting

    • Supporting Clients by making consultations at every stage in the investment process aimed at choosing optimal acoustic solutions.
    • Services for investors, designers, contractors, and real estate developers.
"Auralization is an important link between interior acoustics and virtual reality systems in which the user can interact with the simulated environment"
"Next level of technical innovation. This close partnership strengthens our product development in terms of acoustic optimization and paves the way to the next level."
Jens Kegenhoff
CEO, Korfmann Lufttechnik GmbH, GERMANY

Integrated design in room acoustics

Acoustics has always been a part of architecture. Invisible, mutual permeation of both has greatly determined the feeling of comfort and well-being within various interiors. Room acoustics answers the question of how to achieve a good sound in any space in relation to its function.

An architect’s job requires skills in combining a number of components and expertise in various areas. They always need to bear in mind that the created urban space or interiors will affect the acoustic climate, and thus the feelings of users of a given space. It is a very responsible task as there are long-term consequences involved.

We receive acoustically optimized projects when an architect and an acoustician have the opportunity to cooperate in the design phase of the project. It allows them to implement ideas integrating shape, equipment and installations with acoustic solutions. Thanks to that, we have the opportunity to create acoustically functional spaces while saving costs and time.

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