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Our Approach

Since our founding, KFB’s approach to understanding the acoustics has remained the foundation of our efforts.
Implementing an interdisciplinary approach, harnessing advanced technologies to accelerate discoveries. Inventing new methods when existing technology and approaches do not meet our needs.
Focusing on both basic and experimental research that can solve some of the biggest acoustics problems facing the world today.
Taking a long-term approach, understanding that breakthroughs are made possible through funding and persistent efforts over time.
Collaborating with external organizations, including other acoustical companies and academic institutions.
"Harmonizing space, sound and silence, our R&D activity drives to establish a quieter, smoother, and more refined standard of work and life. With relentless innovation, we redefine the boundaries of technological advantage, shaping a future where serenity is not a privilege but the norm."

Satish Palled

Automotive Research Area Manager

Our Focus is acoustics

Noise control
Offering our clients the whole range of acoustic solutions, reducing the noise level at workstations and in the environment.
Physical acoustics
Studying the behavior of sound waves in different conditions and applying this knowledge to design and improve products.
Architectural acoustics
Supporting the work of architects by measuring acoustic insulation, reverberation time and other relevant parameters.
Acoustics measurements
Using our highly specialized equipment to take measurements in various fields of acoustics, even in challenging circumstances.
Environmental noise
Using specialized tools and equipment allowing for accurate measurements and simulations of noise level in the environment.
Machine acoustics
Dealing with excessive noise produced by industrial machines by using vibroacoustic optimization to make them more silent.
Building an anechoic chamber for measuring the parameters of electroacoustic devices in the future.
Vehicle acoustics
Improving the acoustic comfort in the passenger’s cabin of different kinds of vehicles (cars, trains, dumpers, etc.)
Reducing and predicting the noise associated to the turbulences and fluid flow in large ducts of production halls.
Vibration and dynamics
Performing simulations and measurements concerning vibration transmissions in mechanical structures.
Audio signal processing
Using active noise control algorithms to suppress the noise in large ducts of production halls.
Experimentation in acoustics
Developing and implementing new techniques and methodologies in acoustics.
Describing phenomena related to the human voice, speech production as well as speech perception and intelligibility.
Recreating the acoustic environment the way humans perceive it using artificial sound sources and auralization.
Understanding how people perceive sounds. Assessing the annoyance of tonal noise by using different acoustic penalties.
Artificial intelligence in acoustics
Automatic classification of acoustic events with the help of AI for analysis complex data.
Infra sounds
Qualitative and quantitative characterization of sounds below our hearing range, and still have influence on us and our environment.
Computational acoustics
Using computer-based models for predicting and solving acoustic problems in a broad range of fields and applications.
Education in acoustics
Running a variety of educational projects and creating modern educational materials on acoustics.


At KFB Acoustics, innovation and research are the heartbeat of our journey. Since our establishment in 2009, we've relentlessly pushed the boundaries of knowledge, venturing into new realms of research and development (R&D). With our pioneering spirit, we've crafted groundbreaking products that have captivated the market.
In 2015, a pivotal moment arrived as we birthed our dedicated Research and Development Department. This exceptional team, composed of interdisciplinary experts, delves deep into the realm of acoustic phenomena. Their aim? To engineer revolutionary technical solutions that combat noise-related challenges. From enhancing functionality to bolstering security, our R&D department spearheads the charge towards technological advancement.
What do we do? Within our R&D team, we embark on comprehensive research endeavors that bridge theory with practical applications. Our passion lies in creating cutting-edge acoustical solutions, harnessing the latest scientific and technological advancements. By seamlessly blending scientific concepts with our dynamic business operations, we shape a future of endless possibilities.
What can our R&D department achieve? TIME SAVING Fast and effective process of vibroacoustic optimization of products thanks to: - integration of various research environments, including the associated prototype workshop and machine park - the ability to quickly verify the results
COST OPTIMIZATION Short duration of the process of vibroacoustic optimization of products, while maintaining the highest quality and high efficiency.
DIVERSITY Full variety of research spaces in one facility - at KFB we will acoustically test almost everything!
FLEXIBILITY Possibility to adapt the methods and research environment to the specificity of the tested objects.
INNOVATION Modern research methods including neural networks in virtual prototyping and robotic measuring stations Assessment of the sound quality of products based on psychoacoustic tests using measurement signals and synthetic sounds generated in the process of virtual prototyping.
REPEATABILITY 100% measurement repeatability over the years! – possibility to carry out repeated measurements, at any time, in identical measurement conditions, thanks to the use of robotic measuring stations, which enables comparative analyzes.
QUALITY The highest quality through the most modern equipment and research methods, and above all - a team of professionals and enthusiasts of acoustics.
At KFB Acoustics, innovation thrives, and our R&D department paves the way for a future where sound becomes extraordinary.
How we work

Freedom to explore, technology to lead the way.

We are passionate about science and have the sense of wonder that is required to succeed in an uncharted area such as acoustics. We’re excited and humbled by the opportunity.

We are deliberate about creating a community in which KFB’s scientists and engineers have the freedom to explore, take chances and follow their own scientific pursuits and passions, wherever they may lead.

We focus intensely on interdisciplinary collaboration within KFB, and with our external partners, because we believe that breakthroughs occur when curious people work together to solve what others believe are intractable challenges.

We have been cooperating with KFB since 2013. We recommend KFB as a reliable
and professional partner. Cooperation between our companies is very good,
KFB employees are committed to provide advisory and substantive help.
Communication between our companies runs smoothly, and each contact
confirms the professionalism and competence of KFB's specialists.
Marek Florkowski PhD. Eng.
Director of the ABB Research Center Director of Technology Development at ABB Polska
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