We've come a long way

For over a decade we have been solving complex noise and vibration problems and providing complete product development services to the world’s leading organizations across all industries.

By using our deep knowledge and multidisciplinary approach we unify diverse fields of science to develop the best acoustic solutions which are tailored to our clients’ needs.

Values we share

We use the following core values to guide us on our journey:
  • WE > I

    We look for a team player mindset with an autonomous work practice. We work with people who never let others wait for their part of the job. We hold a conviction that nothing grand comes easily.


    We push for open communication even when it’s tough, whether that means being transparent about our failures. We have chosen to embrace honesty as the path to an incredible team and a brand worth believing in.


    We strive to learn both from failure and success. We constantly push ourselves to learn new things (personally, professionally, physically, and spiritually). We believe that the best way to learn, is to do.


    We leverage creativity and the resources at-hand instead of looking elsewhere for the answers. We believe in the importance of maximizing partnerships, realizing the potential of our team. Together with our partners we push the boundaries of possibilities and challenge the status quo.


    We expect everyone to be honest, ethical and trustworthy. We may succeed. We may fail. But, by working together, with integrity and respect, we will always be doing things the right way, and we just might achieve something that others may not believe possible.


    We seek out team members, partners, investors, collaborators and mentors who choose humility over arrogance, assume good intentions amongst one another, and though we will have many differences of belief and perspective, always treat one another with respect.

Team of dedicated experts

Life at KFB is about Acoustics. And acoustic is our life.
  • kfb-people-10-small
    Filip Barański

    Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

  • KB_03
    Katarzyna Barańska
  • kfb-people-17-small
    Wolfgang Gohl

    Chief International Sales Officer

  • kfb-people-16-small
    Bartosz Chmielewski

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • kfb-people-06
    Ewa Zamaria

    Chief Administration Officer

  • kfb-people-05-small
    Mariusz Buśko

    Sales Officer

  • kfb-people-01_03-2021
    Wojciech Depa

    Operations Director

  • kfb-people-02-small
    Marcin Olesiński

    Chief National Sales Officer

  • kfb-people-14-small
    Tomasz Malec

    Chief Laboratory Officer

  • kfb-people-21-small
    Wojciech Bartnik

    Head of Acoustic Department

  • kfb-people-32-small
    Karolina Jaruszewska

    Head of Education Department

  • kfb-people-22-small
    Mateusz Matyjaszczuk

    Production Manager

  • kfb-people-15-small
    Żaneta Michalska

    Head of Design Department

  • kfb-people-12-small
    Adam Sobota

    Finance and Controlling Manager

  • kfb-people-19-v02-small
    Florian Netz

    Sales and Project Manager DACH

  • kfb-people-35-v03-small
    Grzegorz Wrona

    Rzeszów Branch Manager

  • kfb-people-37-small-02
    Paweł Macura

    Technology Manager

  • kfb-people-26-small
    Czesław Biesiada

    IT Manager

  • kfb-people-20
    Daniel Zobel

    Sales Engineer DACH

  • kfb-people-01
    Robert Fabiański
  • Jens Ahrens
    Jens Ahrens

    Associate Professor at Chalmers University (Vice-President of SAB)

  • Photo JP Arenas_2021 - BN v2
    Jorge Arenas

    Professor at Universidad Austral of Chile

  • Burgess_BW
    Marion Burgess

    Professor at UNSW Sydney

  • Olivier Dazel
    Olivier Dazel

    Professor at Le Mans University

  • kfb-people-11
    Andrzej Dobrucki

    Honorary Member of Advisory Board

  • Untitled
    Iván Herrero-Durá

    Secretary of SAB

  • kfb-people-13
    Damian Drozd

    Production Manager

  • kfb-people-07
    Iván Herrero-Durá
  • Michal Kozupa v2
    Michał Kozupa

    Ph.D. Eng., Principal Scientist, Hitachi Energy

  • Manuel Melon
    Manuel Melon

    Professor at Le Mans University

  • Picture_Judicael_PICAUT_BW
    Judicaël Picaut

    Professor at Unité Mixte de Recherche en Acoustique Environnementale (UMRAE)

  • Ruben Pico Villa v2
    Rubén Picó Vila

    Professor at Universitat Politècnica de València

  • Monika Rychtarikova v2
    Monika Rychtáriková

    Professor at KU Leuven

  • Sean Smith 2
    Sean Smith

    Director of Centre for Future Infrastructure at the University of Edinburgh (President of SAB)

  • Michael Vorländer
    Michael Vorländer

    Professor at RWTH Aachen University

  • B&W
    Krzysztof Górka
  • 20210915_102242
    Andrzej Woźny

… and those who create our culture everyday and drive us towards excellence and curiosity:

my_na stojaco
We are different by design

Think big. Explore broadly. Collaborate constantly.

Our mission is said simply, yet it is quite ambitious. We want to better understand the acoustics…and we want to use the knowledge we gain to discover and develop technologies that enable people to live less noisy and healthier lifes.

We are not a traditional technology company, nor are we a research institute. We look to combine the best parts of both without the constraints of either.

We empower our clients by harnessing their technological lead through development of effective, robust & noiseless products and by delivering solutions that prevent and control noise & vibration pollution. Successfully, with guaranteed performance and compliance.


The experiment that started it all
KFB DesignSilence 36


KFB sets off


KFB finalizes the first investment


KFB launches
production facility


KFB finalizes first ETO project


German holding IAMT
takes a stake in KFB
KFB zdjęcia firmy b&w 47


KFB moves to new headquarter
KFB zdjecia firmy 29


KFB opens first laboratories


KFB launches new
production line



KFB opens branch in
Bochum & Rzeszów


Expansion of research infrustructure
KFB sesja 2020 026 _b&w


KFB launches office
in Middle East


Acoustic Research and Innovation Project Center sets off


Status of R&D center conferred upon Ministry of Development


KFB founds new product brand IAS – Integrated Acoustic Solutions
Warszaty b&w 036


KFB founds AA
Academy of Acoustics

Our brands, our strength

Integrated Acoustics Solutions is a turnkey provider of noise control products. We design, manufacture and install complex noise control solutions including structural elements, ventilation systems and electrical works. We have delivered guaranteed performance and compliance on more than 500 projects, offering solutions from conception to completion.

Academy of Acoustics offers a comprehensive range of courses, webinars, and seminars including customized training, tailored to client needs. Academy follows the philosophy of experiential learning, where both theoretical and practical approaches complement each other.
Acoucou is an online platform, where professionals, educators, students and other people interested in acoustics can find educational materials regarding various branches of acoustics. It is designed to serve as modern self-development tool for engineers as well as comprehensive solution for professional education in work environment.
VR sesja sierpień 2019 008


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