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We’re serious about quality

  • Research and Development Center

    In 2019 KFB Acoustics received a status of R&D Center conferred upon Ministry of Development. Information concerning the scope of work of our center can be found in the PDFs of the certificate.


  • Quality

    KFB Acoustics has a uniquely collaborative culture that embraces academic curiosity and diversity. Each lab at the KFB has a unique focus in acoustics. Together, the KFB labs combine their collective wisdom to forge a new path toward a future with reduced noise and improved acoustics.

    The infrastructure and processes necessary to reach our goals are documented in a functioning management system that is regularly evaluated and updated – especially in order to respond to an ever-changing environment.

    Its a place where:

    • Time, skills and talent make an impact,
    • Collaboration, teamwork, and initiative are applauded,
    • Diversity and passion for discovery are celebrated,
    • Scientific excellence and academic independence are honored.
  • Accreditations

    As a accredited laboratory we ensure the highest quality of our services. We bring together the most capable and passionate engineers and scientists from a broad range of disciplines, out of the desire to solve the toughest acoustic challenges.

    Our approach distinguish:

    • Using advanced and calibrated measuring equipment and computational tools adequate to the conducted research.
    • Accreditation for calculation methods for environmental noise assessment – ISO 9613-2, NMPB-Roads-1996, RMR / SRM II, CNOSSOS-EU.
    • Every year extending the scope of accreditation with new test methods, meeting the needs of our clients.
    • Access to the latest research tools to support accredited activities.
    • Continuous improvement of the management system and taking care of the implementation of the quality policy.
    • An experienced, international team of engineers.
    • Guarantee of impartiality and independence of the Research Laboratory as well as confidentiality of information and clients’ own rights.

    Quality of our testing facilities is well maintained by confirming their competence through independent accreditation bodies and regular controls.

    Since 2023 KFB has a status of a notified testing laboratory, as conferred by the European Commission. This document allows us to conduct comprehensive tests for compliance throughout the entire European Union, ensuring products align with the specified criteria in relevant EU standards.
    Our laboratory is authorized to assess the constancy of performance, showcasing our commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and conformity within the EU.
    The notification concerns testing of acoustic insulation, specifically in the assessment of windows, doors, and building elements according to EN ISO 10140-1 norm.

    International validity:

    DAkkS is signatory to the multilateral agreements for mutual recognition of the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA), the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). The signatories to these agreements mutually recognise each other’s accreditations. Current member countries are listed here: EA: www.european-accreditation.org; ILAC: www.ilac.org.

    Information concerning the scope of these accreditations can be found in the PDFs of the certificates and corresponding annexes:

  • Quality Management System

    KFB Acoustics has implemented a Quality Management System in 2010 and maintained it ever since. The arrangements of the Quality Manual are mandatory for all employees – top management is committed to continually improve these arrangements by monitoring and further development.


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and a culture that supports collaborative efforts.
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