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Anti-noise solutions

Our Approach

From concept to start of production. We guide you all the way through the process. Successfully.
By using our deep knowledge and multidisciplinary approach we unify diverse fields of science to develop the best acoustic solutions which are tailored to our clients’ needs.
As a recognized technology company, we provide seamlessly integrated services across a broad range of industries. We design, engineer and manufacture noise control products with guaranteed results.
In addition to our extensive tooling, machining, paint and assembly services, we have access to complete product development services offered by KFB’s team of engineers.

How we work

  • Noise source analysis

    We always start from performing acoustic and technical measurements to collect all the data needed to prepare our analyses. In the next step, we determine fundamental criteria of the analyzed object, such as boundary working conditions and possible assembly options. It is crucial to adapt the noise reduction strategy to the specific characteristic of customer plant.

    The documentation of the existing state must be well described so that we know where to start our analysis. As soon as the current state is described, we can present our proposals, namely various conceptual solutions – 2D drawings and 3D models.

    Based on prepared models, we run acoustic and vibroacoustic simulations using COMSOL Multiphysics. Virtual prototype allows us to determine how our recommended solutions will work after implementation process is completed.

  • Structural analysis and CFD

    This part of the process starts from performing initial, preliminary calculations. Later, we carry out more advanced static calculations.

    The final step of this phase is the vibration analyses. When this part is complete, we can proceed further with the design phase.

  • 2D and 3D Model Development

    In the first step, we define and visualize a product idea into rough 2D sketch format. Then, we explore multiple design solutions in a sketch presentation format.

    We refine design theme into finished renderings using 2D drawings and 3D models. We prepare and provide our clients with the necessary documentation for maintenance and use, approvals and certificates.

  • Manufacturing

    With investments in leading technologies, we have the capability of producing functional prototypes and high-performance production of noise control products across all industries.

    We serve our clients manufacturing needs in the field of:

    • Production of steel structures,
    • Production of sheet metal panels,
    • Production of acoustic fillings with protective coatings.

    Our expertise in providing integrated solutions allows us to bring customer ideas from concept to production in the most efficient and innovative way. Our broad range of services can support our clients in pre- and post- investement stage.

  • Assembly

    Our engineering and technical team is ready to help at every step of the process, providing:

    • Multidisciplinary group of specialists with component manufacturing, systems and complete product assembly experience,
    • Responsive, agile and effective team that can support a very diverse customer and product base,
    • Assessing risks, analysing and mitigating potential disruptions,
    • Managing the entire flow of information, materials and services from raw materials suppliers, through warehouse to the end customers.
Learn our approach

How we solve noise issues

Noise is one of the most widely and most frequently experienced problems of the industrial environment. We support our clients in identifying which working environments require upgrades.

In our work, we take into account the fundamentals of construction techniques, human interaction, psychology of humans, the physics of sound as well as costs and available solutions.

By combining advanced test and analysis capabilities with comprehensive engineering services, KFB can help you understand and mitigate your site’s environmental noise impact.

"From machine construction and manufacturing industry to power plants, our experience and extensive design, engineering and testing capabilities ensure that our solutions provide the maximum in value, performance and manufacturability."

Mariusz Buśko

Chief Business Officer
"I would like to thank you for the good technical handling of our order for the acoustic enclosures of various system components. Thank you and we look forward to continued good cooperation in the future."
Eike Vetterlein
Engineering Services Manager, Uniper Technologies GMBH

Custom solutions
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