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Develop knowledge through training. Our solutions follow the philosophy of experiential learning, where both theoretical and practical approaches complement each other.

How do we stand out?

  1. We encourage engineers to explore the field of acoustic and deal with acoustical problems From both a technical and legal standpoint.
  2. We expand and strength acoustic knowledge through the development of innovative teaching methods based on attractive content, services, and practices.
  3. We get insight into the world of acoustics by modern technologies and digital resources.
  4. We initiate international cooperation and dialogue on the educational field between public and private sectors.

Our solutions

Academy of Acoustics

  • Academy of Acoustics contains trainings, which cover various fields of acoustics.
  • The courses are dedicated for the professionals in fields, where acoustics is not a main topic, but acoustical knowledge can be incorporated i.e. EHS specialization, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, process engineering, and environmental engineering.
  • Experienced practitioners provide valuable information about recurring challenges and questions related to their areas of expertise. Through this process, topics relevant for different types of industries and applications can be identified and applications can be identified and acoustic trainings can be tailored into handy resources.

Build less noisy world with us. Learn from the practitioners.



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  • Acoucou is an online platform, where professionals, educators, students and other people interested in acoustics can find educational materials regarding various branches of acoustics.
  • It is designed to serve as modern self-developmenttool for engineers as well as comprehensive solution for professional education in work environment.
  • Using the newest technologies, Acoucou offers interactive visualizations, videos and VR experiences. Users are attracted by and motivated by using: gamification, VR, Virtual Acoustics, multibook, and web simulator.
  • It has been created as a space for innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and e-learning in the field of acoustics.
  • Acoucou is based on essential partnerships. All together (universities and schools, business partners, educators) we bring expertise on essential level along with experience in education, which creates unique combination of knowledge, experience and awareness of the needs.

Visit our website: https://acoucou.org

Customized trainings for Industry

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  • We understand it that our Clients have different business needs in the field of acoustics. This is why we offer the possibility of organizing customized trainings, tailored to a specific Client.
  • You can book exclusive time with our trainers, who would adjust the content of the trainings to your requirements and would place it in the context of your organization.
  • Since we always put our Clients first, we closely cooperate with the beneficiary of our trainings in order to adapt the knowledge we share to the needs of our Clients’ teams.
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How to teach acoustics?
Best practices for education

Acoustics is related to various disciplines. Due to this diversity, teaching and learning methodology should be properly matched to the discipline, to the terminology and should link with its application.

Acoustics is an experimental science. A huge part of knowledge is lost if this link with experiments is hidden. If we take that into consideration, finding a good educational practice is more tricky. Even if everyone can (roughly) measure a sound pressure level with a simple smartphone, the access to experimental facilities is not so obvious. Concerning target groups that are far from academic/professional world, especially non-scientists, the experimental part should aim at sharing experience through case studies which can help to understand acoustics phenomena in practice and with good metrological methods. Experience provided by companies who work with a diverse range of clients and in a broad range of application fields, may also prove itself useful in the identification of current trends and challenges for industrial acoustic application. This expertise could also help determine commonly missing or underdeveloped skills, which could be improved through learning platforms, tools and courses.

Our mission is to innovatively bridge theory and practice through digitalization, research, and experience.


Custom solutions
and services

Please contact us to inquire information about our custom solutions and services.

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