Material Development

We have one goal — improving the acoustic quality of our customers’ products.

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With extensive knowledge and experience measuring acoustic and damping properties, we can provide accurate results for the development of your noise control materials.

Material Development


Ranking of Materials

We offer creating a ranking of tested acoustic materials. A client undertaking cooperation with us can expect an individual approach. We analyze the client's problem and measure acoustic parameters. Then, we develop appropriate, dedicated indicators that allow you to unambiguously rank the tested materials from the worst to the best (for a given problem). After creating the ranking, choosing the right materials for a given problem becomes easy.


Minimum sound radiation from structural components

We use laboratory measurements to characterize acoustic material properties.
We use a variety of software modules to solve different acoustic problems.
We can develop analytical models to predict the impact of an enhanced treatment on the acoustical performance of a product.

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Multilayer Structures

Multilayer structures are commonly used in engineering and can provide better performance than single layers of homogeneous materials. We perform an acoustic simulations of layered structures on the basis of measuring the parameters of individual layers that make up the structure. This gives a very high flexibility and enables the determination of acoustic parameters of structures with any layer configuration. It is also possible to investigate the effect of changing the thickness of a given layer when it is an air gap or a porous material.


Experimental methods

Using modeling technology, our engineers can predict the acoustical performance of the existing product. The acoustical material can then be optimized for the particular cost, weight, and space requirements of each end product application.

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