• We had a smart business idea, so we have found a smart inwestor!

    Starting your own business can greatly increase your chances of success by collaborating with a seasoned market expert. This collaboration ensures that a startup navigates through challenges smoothly and receives comprehensive support, encompassing not only financial contributions but, more importantly, professional guidance. An excellent example of such a partner is the Lower Silesian Investment Development Fund. Thanks to their invaluable assistance, we have attained our current position. Are you interested in learning further details?

    More information is available on the Bankier website.
    Masz pomysł na biznes? Znajdź mądrego inwestora –

  • Nunatak Capital investing in KFB

    Nunatak Capital, a fund with a scientific and business background, intended to invest its assets in tech companies, concerned in developing applications for Big data, AI, Machine Learning.
    Here is how the next level of our journey began. The story of mutual collaboration between KFB and Nunatak Capital and its most important accomplishment – ARIC – Acoustic Research and Innovation Center.

    More information is available on the Puls Biznesu website.
    Spece od analizy danych z funduszu Nunatak Capital inwestują w start-upy i doradzają przemysłowym firmom (

  • Hear the sound of the candy bar. This is how the KFB handles psychoacoustic

    The largest Polish press magazine describes KFB Acoustics and our team. It is also an outside look at what modern acoustics is today and the challenges it faces.

    The text describes the introduction of innovative acoustic solutions to the Polish market and the opening of ARIC – Acoustic Research and Innovation Center Wrocław, which aims not only to reduce noise, but also to create appropriate sounds in products.

    More information is available on the website.
    Usłysz dźwięk batonika. Oto, jak polska firma dba o psychoakustykę (

  • Polish champions of electromobility are at the Forefront of the European market

  • Making a noise map

  • KFB among the finalists of the 12th edition of the Polish Business Roundtable Award

    In the 12th edition of the competition, the Award Committee of the Polish Business Roundtable selected the finalists from among several hundred nominations sent from all over Poland. The winners were announced on May 29, 2023 during the final Gala in Warsaw’s Ufficio Primo.
    KFB Acoustics was given this prestigious award in the VISION AND INNOVATION category – for the use of a new, bold, non-standard and unconventional concept or a new business idea.

    More information is available on the PRB website.
    Znamy finalistów 12. edycji Nagrody PRB! – Polska Rada BiznesuPolska Rada Biznesu (

  • MADE in POLAND 2021 Nomination – Berlin 2021

    We are very pleased that our company has been nominated for the MADE in POLAND 2021 title for its significant impact on the shape and development of the national economy, in the program run by the Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship and the editorial offices: Forum of Entrepreneurship and Business Plus in Gazeta Wyborcza.

    We were also invited to co-create the second edition of the Made in Poland Congress, which will take place on May 28, 2021, at the European Commission headquarters in Berlin.

    The upcoming Congress will have nearly 30,000 Participants and 5 discussion panels, during which the most important topics related to the economic and social development of our country will be discussed.

  • We solve problems

    Interview with Filip Barański – president of the board of KFB Polska in the IZOLACJE – month periodical

    The month periodical IZOLACJE (eng. INSULATION) has been on the market since 1996. It is addressed primarily to designers, architects and contractors professionally connected with the construction industry. Each issue is a compendium of knowledge about technologies and materials in the field of thermal, acoustic, technical and waterproofing insulation. The month periodical IZOLACJE has been positively evaluated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

  • Comparative analysis of infrasound noise emitted by wind turbines of various power

    Tomasz MALEC, Tomasz BOCZAR, Daria WOTZKA

    The subject area of this paper is infrasound signals generated by work of modern wind turbines. A comparative analysis of the measurement results of the infrasound noise generated by two types of high-power wind turbines i.e. REPOWER MM92 of electric power 2 MW and Vensys 62 of electric power of 1.2 MW is presented in the paper. The first studied turbine is brand new and the other has been in operation for five years. The aim of the analyzes was to determine the frequency spectra of the recorded infrasound signals and to calculate the corresponding. For comparative purposes, the characteristics presented in this paper, were calculated separately for the analyzed turbines taking into account three selected values of wind speed. On the basis of the obtained results the influence of wind speed changes on the generated levels of low-frequency acoustic signals was determined. Then, the dependencies obtained from measurements were referred and compared to the limits defined in the appropriate standards.


  • Murator Architecture „Acoustics”

KFB sesja 2020 025 _b&w

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