Vehicle Development

KFB’s engineers deliver the ultimate driving experience by resolving complex noise and NVH issues.
With our complete vehicle acoustics expertise,
comprehensive material knowledge and psychoacoustic
methods, we optimize and match all factors and
components in detail.

Vehicle Development


Complete vehicle acoustics

Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) are very important topics in the development of vehicle.
Based on experience we support
our worldwide customers in their
development by simulation and experimental vibroacoustic analyses.


Cabin acoustics

From an NVH point of view especially the sound consistency in the vehicle interior is of high interest. With NVH development tools and methodologies, NVH facilities, the KFB team supports
our customers in solving their
development challenges.


Transfer path analysis (TPA)

TPA describes how sound and vibration propagate through structures and break down the relationship between sources, transfer paths and responses.
Using a complex measurement and simulation methodology, we separate the total noise at the receiver into different sound source excitations and vibration paths.


Sound design and engineering

The optimization of vehicle sound does not only require the optimization of each component, but the combination of the different sounds in order to achieve a homogenous and effective overall sound. Using a combined approach of simulation and measurement, we develop individual solutions for our customers.

Custom solutions
and services

Please contact us to inquire information about our custom solutions and services.

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