Forging new approaches in acoustical optimization of the product

All of our work revolves around commitment to forge a new path toward a future with reduced noise and better acoustics. Through years, we have developed our own methodology aiming at delivering the best acoustical performance of the product.

In our work we distinguish 3 approaches:

  • Simulations based on theoretical acoustic models,
  • Tests based on prototypes,
  • Simulations based on validated acoustic models.

The first approach allows us to quickly test a large number of acoustic variants. If the simulation accuracy required is not too high, we apply this method. However, if the requirements for prediction accuracy are much higher, it is preferable to use the second approach (prototype testing).

On-site measurements of the acoustic parameters of tested object always provide the most accurate data, but the number of variants that can be tested is limited due to technical requirements.

The third method presents a hybrid approach. We validate the theoretical acoustic model with measurements of tested object. In the next step, we create a virtual prototype. This combined method provides a large number of simulation variants and a greater accuracy compared to purely theoretical models.

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