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Environmental Noise

Whether it is in the up-front planning and design process or during site operation, KFB can help you understand and reduce the noise that is emitted by your work site or industrial facility.

How do we stand out?

We provide expert testing, modeling, and consulting services for understanding environmental noise. This interdisciplinairy approach helps us to identify and analyze the primary site noise sources, and to develop treatment plans to mitigate our customers’ environmental noise impact.
We support our clients during all project phases, from site selection to the legally compliant operation of plants and equipment.
As an accredited testing laboratory, we carry out vibration measurements according to laboratory test procedures on hand-held and hand-operated devices in our laboratories.
We undertake challenging projects all across the world and we deliver guaranteed results. Successfully.

Our Services:

  • Measurements and Analysis

    Analysis of the acoustic environment includes:

    • Determination of noise levels occurring at workplaces or in the vicinity of the plant.
    • Comparison of designated noise indicators with limit values.
    • Determination of exceedances of the permissible sound level.
  • Noise Mapping

    Noise mapping allows to assess and forecast the acoustic climate of analyzed object and offers a broad perspective to design a people-friendly space.

    Our engineering team performs the following services:

    • Measurements and calculations of the permitted noise level in the environment.
    • Acoustic documentation required by law regulations of a specific area.
    • Comprehensive consultancy in the field of noise mapping.
  • Soundscaping

    The soundscape is defined as the human’s perception of the acoustic environment. The soundscape of our environment helps us to better understand the world we live in. The presence of sound, both wanted and unwanted, is something that cannot be avoided, thats why we support our clients in designing an environment with a view to improving sound quality.

    Take advantage on our soundscape services:

    • Acoustic modeling of environmental phenomena.
    • Development of guidelines to design an environment with a perspective to improving sound quality.
    • Assessment of the state of the acoustic climate.
  • Noise Monitoring

    By combining advanced test and analysis capabilities together with multidisciplinary engineering team we perform following monitoring services:

    • Continuous monitoring of the sound emission.
    • Minimize community disturbances.
    • Possibility to audio recording of selected occurence
  • Noise Reduction Strategy

    • Identification of the dominant noise sources,
    • Calculation of the required reductions,
    • Indication of optimal solutions,
    • Development of multi-variant and multi-stage strategies,
    • Advice on the selection of the best solution,
    • Design and implementation of acoustic protection.
  • Reports and Expertise

    Environmental impact report includes:

    • Development of documentation that meets all legal requirements.
    • Customer support at the stage of submitting documentation to the controlling authority.
    • Identification of the best noise reduction techniques supported by extensive experience from many industries and source types.
    • Large experienced team enabling the quick execution of many tasks.

    Post-execution analysis includes:

    • Development of documentation that meets all legal requirements.
    • Ability to meet all the Employer’s requirements.
    • Accredited measurement laboratory.
    • Large experienced team enabling the quick execution of many tasks.

    Comprehensive consultancy in the field of acoustics offers:

    • A full spectrum of analyzes from acoustic measurements and analyzes to design and implementation of acoustic protection.
We have one goal — to reduce our clients environmental noise impact. In order to achieve it, we use a variety of methods that include long term unattended noise monitoring, environmental noise modeling, and in-depth machine analysis.

Dr.Eng. Tomasz Malec

Director of Environmental Acoustics
"Next level of technical innovation. This close partnership strengthens our product development in terms of acoustic optimization and paves the way to the next level."
Jens Kegenhoff
CEO, Korfmann Lufttechnik GmbH, GERMANY

One-point or multi-point analysis?

When deciding to start continuous noise monitoring, the number of points in which it should be carried out becomes an important issue. This choice depends on what we want to evaluate. If we are only interested in information about the variation in time of the noise level or in identifying individual events, one point may be sufficient.

If we are interested in information about the noise level from a defined area, taking into account the influence of acoustic background or the assessment of the impact of variability of the source operation on the noise level at a point in the environment, at least two points must be used.

If we are interested in the distribution of the noise level in different directions or would like to carry out an initial identification of the direction of the acoustic wave, it is necessary to use the measurement in a larger number of points. The choice of the measurement strategy should always be preceded by a preliminary acoustic diagnosis and a clear definition of the purpose of the analysis.

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