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Acoustic engineering for Components


Aeroacoustics of components

KFB Acoustics specializes in aeroacoustics of components for air circulation systems. We define the pressure drops introduced by acoustic silencers and turbulent noise generated as a result of the flow of gases at high velocities and temperatures.


Vibroacoustics of components

By combining advanced analysis capabilities with comprehensive engineering services KFB has become a proven partner in identifying and resolving challenging noise and vibration issues. We are known at leveraging multiple test methods, ranging from structural analysis to sound quality evaluation.


Vibroacoustics of sandwitch structure

KFB offers advanced structural analyzes of mechanical elements. We perform modal analyzes that allow to determine the distribution of structure vibration modes and to find the most dominant modes contributing to noise generation and vibration transmission. We also offer measurements of structural reverberation time and structural loss coefficients. We also offer the measurement of CLF (Coupling Loss Factor) between individual structural elements to estimate the transmission of vibrations through various technical joints.


Materials testing

Whether the optimum solution is a barrier that blocks sound, or a treatment designed to absorb sound energy, or an optimized combination, our team can help you find the best noise treatment for your product.

Custom solutions
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