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Workshops on noise measurements for Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection


The Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection (GIOŚ)


Workshops, Environment

Scope of work

Environmental noise measurements

Acoustics training

Conducted workshops on noise measurements in the environment as well as monitoring and assessment of the environment in terms of noise in 2019-2020 were dedicated for the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection’s specialists.

The aim of the workshops was to improve the professional qualifications of employees of the Central Research Laboratory performing noise measurements for the needs of the State Environmental Monitoring. The workshop covered all the environmental noise assessment methodologies applicable in Poland (road, rail, aviation and industrial noise) as well as the latest guidelines of the ISO 1996 series of standards.

The aim of the monitoring was to measure traffic noise for the purposes of the State Environmental Monitoring. The measurements were carried out at roads, railway lines and airports selected by the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection.



Key value proposition

  1. Improving the qualifications of employees of the Central Research Laboratory (CLB).
  2. Integration of measuring teams working throughout the country.
  3. Assessment of the state of acoustic climate along communication routes.

Dedicated solution

The aim of the organized workshops was to present attendees with the latest recommendations of the ISO 1996 series of standards. The trainers provided them with an overview of the principles of practical application of legally regulated noise assessment methodologies (road, rail, aviation and industrial noise). The second part of the training was a practical one, including carrying out measurements of traffic noise.

The team organizing and conducting the training was composed of 3 senior specialists with a doctoral degree, 5 acoustic specialists, 3 measurement specialists and 4 measuring teams.

As a result of the workshops, attendees received accredited reports on measurements of traffic noise levels, noise monitoring summary report, workshops on noise measurements along with training materials.

Full case study list


  • 6 The training lasted 6 days and was divided into two stages
  • 100+ participants involved in both trainings
  • 107 round-the-clock traffic noise measurements taken as a part of the training
  • 20+ people involved in the organizing and conducting the workshops, including 5 acoustics specialists

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