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Indoor Noise

At KFB, our engineers work hand-in-hand with architects to create the best working conditions by reducing noise and empowering concentration of your employees

We solve noise issues

We enable companies to limit their noise impact by offering solutions that prevent and control noise and vibration pollution at workstation.
Through our outstanding access to resources and technology we can solve your noise issues effectively, eliminating the negative effects on privacy and business productivity.
We take into account the fundamentals of construction techniques, human interaction, psychology of humans, the physics of sound as well as costs and available solutions.
Our crafted solutions cover over any unwanted noise, making conversation easier and increasing the level of privacy.

Discover our capabilities:

  • Acoustic Measurements and Calculations

    Acoustic measurements at designated workstations are performed using professional measuring equipment and methods that allow us to reliably assess the existing condition in individual work areas. By using the acoustic camera, we define the main places of noise emission, which affect the exceeded permissible levels. Analysis of the acoustic environment includes:

    • Determination of noise levels occurring at workplaces or in the vicinity of the plant.
    • Comparison of designated noise indicators with limit values.
    • Determination of exceedances of the permissible sound level.
  • Analyzes of Working Conditions

    Limiting noise at workplaces, and thus ensuring the best possible working conditions, is often a complex task that requires a professional engineering approach. It should take into account many aspects of noise generation and the specificity of the production process.

    As part of our activity, we offer specialized acoustic analyzes. These analyzes allow to determine the main factors influencing the occurrence of exceedances of permissible levels at workplaces and to develop the optimal noise reduction strategy. Thorough valuation is a key to achieving a success.

  • Noise Reduction Strategy

    Based on diagnosis of the problem, using noise and vibration measurement techniques, acoustic modeling and our experience, we develop noise reduction strategy.

    We clearly present the origin of the problem and propose several approaches that allow to carry out noise reduction program in the most optimal way. The noise reduction strategy can be divided into several stages, taking into account the economic evaluation of the solution.

  • Enhacing Privacy in Workingplace

    Client privacy during interactions is intrinsic to good business and relationships. A typical concern often seen in cellular or closed office workspaces is that of sound leaks. In sectors where confidentiality is a priority – human resources, medical, law, financial – this will be need to be addressed.

    Sound leaks may occur for any number of reasons. Often, they are due to construction techniques that have been performed inadequately, building design constraints, lightweight wall or ceiling partitions or a low building noise floor.

    These issues can be assessed and treated accordingly. Ensuring that discretion is prioritised and that clients and staff alike feel secure.

  • Opinions and Expertise

    The following services will help you to reduce noise risk in stages, in particular, on a cost-benefit basis:

    • Advice on the selection of quiet machinery,
    • Prediction of noise pollution when planning work locations,
    • Ascertainment and assessment of acoustic parameters such as medium level decrease and degree of sound absorption in work locations,
    • Elaboration of indoor acoustic measures for reducing noise pollution in work areas of factory buildings,
    • Detailed planning of noise protection for machinery, plants and work locations,
    • Definition of standards for personal hearing protection and consultation during the selection.

We guide you all the way through the process.

  • Diagnosis of initial state

    Using cutting-edge methods and technologies we define the main places of noise emission, which affect the exceeded permissible levels. At the next step, we process measurement results and then we identify the values of exceedances. Based on gathered data we create an acoustic model.

  • Acoustic Modelling

    Acoustic model helps us to determine the ranking of noise sources, which is the basic tool for identifying noise sources that require silencing in the first place. It is also very helpful tool for setting the guidelines for different variants of acoustic maps and for evaluating the effectiveness of applied solution.

  • Noise reduction strategy

    Based on the prepared models, we run acoustic and vibroacoustic simulations using Comsol Multiphysics. It allows us to simulate how our proposed solutions will adapt in real conditions. In the next step we present several options of a noise reduction strategy that allows to carry out planned modernisation in the most optimal way.

  • Guaranteed solutions

    We tailor each of the proposed solutions to our clients needs. We verify it under economical, technical and safety criteria to deliver guaranteed performance on the project. We support you on-site to solve your problems. Our enhanced and high skilled maintenance and service specialists is at your service on your site or in-house at KFB facility.

Defining comfortable workplaces

Multifunctional work spaces place higher demand on effective acoustics enabling them to adapt to the dynamic required. Knowledgeable design will achieve an acoustic climate that dampens down unwanted noise and encourages privacy, avoiding potential disasters and allowing staff to function with freedom and comfort.

Due to the flexibility required by the companies nowadays,, most working environments have a mixture of these issues. From the boardroom, open plan workspaces and client meeting areas, to the industries workstations, none are immune.

Quiet workstations are designed to meet the challenges imposed not only by the required noise reduction level, but also by ergonomics, precision and speed of work. Employees performing manual work can often be the direct cause of excessive noise. Sources of this type are very strongly dependent on the person performing the activities, what makes the assessment of noise multi-dimensional and complex.

A gap analysis on the physics of the space along with a comprehensive set of calculations will allow us to suggest and establish a corrective course actions. We then move forward to identifying suitable acoustic products to empower the acoustic landscape.

"We help you create composed environment which enhances discretion, intelligibility and comfort. Ultimately, resulting in improved employee performance and capabilities due to reduced stress."

Tomasz Malec

Chief Labs Officer
"Highly successful partnership… delivered on time and with top quality. Cooperation with KFB was professional and pleasant. We will definitely cooperate again. KFB’s competences deserve extraordinary appreciation and recommendation."
Michael Rahn
Business Unit Manager, FAM, Germany

Why do I need sound masking?

Research conducted over the last decade by the EAA and others shows that poor acoustics are the number one cause of workplace dissatisfaction and the most significant factor affecting employee performance.

If you work in a modern office, you can likely relate. Usually, you’re spending time on work that requires concentration. Disruptive noises and conversations make tasks harder to complete. Errors happen more often that adds to stress. It takes more effort to focus – which tires you out, affecting your mood and, ultimately, your productivity.

The EU found a strong link between workplace dissatisfaction and speech privacy levels. Many employees are disturbed by people talking on telephones or in surrounding areas. And they’re concerned by the fact others can overhear their private conversations. Maintaining confidentiality can also be essential to your organization.


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