Partnering with us

  • Different by design.

    We know excellent science takes
    place all over the world, and we want
    to collaborate with the best and the brightest.

  • Science. Freedom. Community.

    We are not a traditional technology company,
    nor are we a research institute.
    We look to combine the best parts
    of both without the constraints of either.

  • Creating value together.

    Together with our partners
    we push the boundaries of possibilities
    and challenge the status quo.

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Connect with us

KFB combines the focus and drive of a start-up with the resources and R&D capabilities of the leading engineering companies.

Through our productive alliances, we have outstanding access to new ideas, perspectives and discovery technologies. Partnering with KFB, therefore, provides people, resources, and capabilities to advance the full range of acoustical opportunities.

We collaborate with universities, governments, companies, and pull in mentors to create relationships that work. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your ideas for partnering with us.

"External partnerships bring new ideas, perspectives, technologies and know-how to complex challenges. Our preference is to be deeply engaged in collaborative research programs."

Katarzyna Barańska


We welcome proposals
for partnership

If you would like to collaborate with KFB, please provide us with a brief non-confidential proposal that describes the opportunity, to:

Contact us

We always seek for a mindset focused on tackling big, complex scientific questions, engineers and scientists who enjoy the opportunity to explore new avenues of research,
and a culture that supports collaborative efforts.
Come and be a part of it.

Contact us at


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