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Construction of an acoustic cabin in an office space


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Office acoustics

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Acoustic consulting

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Too much noise can effectively stop research related to product development and the functioning of the company. The acoustic cabin designed by KFB Acoustics enabled our clients to conduct research and ensured safe work in comfortable conditions. The acoustic requirements were above the applicability limit for demountable panel structures, but this type of structure was required.
A box-in-a-box construction with an independent floor was used, as well as a number of protections (duct dilatations, soundproofing lagging, a lock with two sets of doors).

We received a request to solve the problem of too high noise level during device tests. The test site was in an office building, surrounded by many other companies, which made noise reduction necessary for the testing to continue. The implementation of the acoustic structure was crucial, therefore the order completion time was shortened to a minimum. We started cooperation on the acoustic, supervisory and design levels.

Key value proposition

  1. Good comfort of work in the cabin for its users and outside the cabin for people who have been exposed to noise.
  2. Interdisciplinary cooperation on the acoustic, supervisory and design levels.
  3. Providing an optimized solution to the complex issue.

Dedicated solution

At the beginning of the project, we established the boundary conditions of the work, conducted a series of analyses and proposed a conceptual design including the construction of an acoustic room located in another acoustic room, creating a box-in-a-box structure. The project assumed cooperation and coordination of tasks with companies responsible for fire prevention, ventilation, health and safety conditions and adapting the chamber to the needs of each of these companies. In the project, we used an absorbing zone, a pressure separation zone and a reflecting zone. A door with high acoustic insulation and additional double self-closing thresholds, panels adapted to the noise spectrum and a solid structure were used. The implemented solution made it possible to comfortably stay in the chamber, as well as the possibility of observing the working condition inside the cabin from the outside.

The project team consisted of 1 junior and 2 senior specialists in acoustics,
1 constructor and 1 senior constructor. Tools used in the project were SketchUp, Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD.

Full case study list


  • 4 We cooperated with partners from 4 different specialisations: fire protection, ventilation, occupational health and safety and the client
  • 2 cabins - one in the other - with decompression zone designed and implemented at the client's site
  • 65 The noise was reduced from the level of 116 to 65 dB(A) thanks to the proposed solution
  • 4 months was the total duration of the project

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