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Impact Assessment

We identify the environmental and social impacts of a project before decisions are made.

We help to predict environmental impacts at an early stage in project planning and design, while also contributing in finding ways to reduce adverse impacts
We enable adjust projects to suit the local environment as well as present predictions and options to decision-makers and the public.
We combine an interdisciplinary approach with a high level of professional expertise and we always work closely with our customers – from problem clarification to project completion – keeping costs to a minimum.
How we work

Identifying the environmental impacts

EIAs must often comply with legislation. These analyses provides information on the following key topics:

  • Detailed project description, noting the sources and impacts of environmental disturbances.
  • Complete list of alternatives, including those rejected and detailed examination of those under serious consideration.
  • Description of the project environment, including fauna, flora, air, soil, water, humans, landscape or cultural heritage.
  • Detailed estimation of nature and scope of environmental impacts, including temporary and permanent as well as local and regional.
  • Proposal of mitigation measures, based on expected impacts.
  • Non-technical summary of the project and its likely impacts, written for a broad range of stakeholders including the general public.
  • List of potential problem areas, or unknown factors, with suggestion for research to fill knowledge gaps.
"Highly successful partnership… delivered on time and with top quality. Cooperation with KFB was professional and pleasant. We will definitely cooperate again. KFB’s competences deserve extraordinary appreciation and recommendation."
Michael Rahn
Business Unit Manager, FAM, Germany

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