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Noise reduction strategy and guarantees of a normative noise level in the environment


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Scope of work

Acoustic analysis

Noise managment

Noise reduction strategy



The analyzed industrial plant, located in the urban space, was increasing noise emission to the environment along with its development. At the same time, the noise-protected residential area was approaching the factory boundaries. At one point, the limit value was exceeded by more than 7 dB, and the plant received an administrative decision to meet the acoustic standards at night or to stop production. Within one year, a complete multi-stage reduction strategy was developed and acoustic protection was implemented to keep the noise level below 40 dB. Currently, in order to control the state of the acoustic climate, the plant constantly monitors the noise level and the background noise. This allows it to react on an ongoing basis in the event of increased noise emissions to the environment.


Key value proposition

  1. Introducing the concept and regulations regarding "environmental noise" to plant management.
  2. Minimizing the risk of eliminating the third shift and maintaining the jobs of over 300 employees.
  3. Increasing the awareness of the management staff about excessive noise issues.
  4. Minimizing the risk of increased noise emissions by regular control and constant noise monitoring at the plant.

Dedicated solution

Our client’s primary need was noise reduction by 7 dB within 8 months. We provided the client with the guarantee of achieving this goal – we took the responsilibity to reduce the noise level in the environment below 40 dB. In order to maintain permissible noise level after the reduction, we were continously monitoring the acoustic climate around the plant.

Our working team was composed of 2 acoustics specialists, 1 measurement specialist and 2 constructors designing acoustic solutions. Experts from the Acoustic solutions production department and Acoustic solutions assembly department were also involved in the project. The specialists use assessment tools, such as Sound level meter, Intensity probe, Acoustic camera, CadnaA, QGIS and Inventor.

End results that we delivered to the client included noise reduction strategies as well as acoustic and noise monitoring solutions, ready to be implemented at the plant.



Full case study list


  • 60 different types of acoustic solutions, such as silencers, sound insulating screens and enclosures introduced
  • +240 days of continuous industrial noise monitoring with daily reporting of results
  • 3 research and development works on new types of acoustic solutions, dedicated to specific devices with a guarantee of maintaining its working conditions
  • +300 jobs maintained as a consequence of successful noise reduction

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