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Noise management plan for the PKN ORLEN S.A. and ANWIL S.A.


PKN Orlen S. A. I ANWIL S. A.



Scope of work

Acoustic analysis

Acoustic guidelines

Noise management plan

The largest industrial plants covered by the Integrated Permits system (IPPC)
are required to apply the best available techniques (BAT). One of the new requirements to improve overall environmental performance is the implementation of a noise management plan that covers all life stages of noise sources as well as environmental, risk, investment and social communication management processes. Our Acoustics Department has developed a complete noise management plan based on environmental and acoustic inventories, noise measurements in and around the plant, acoustic camera identification, acoustic modeling and spatial analyses.

The developed plan allows our clients to make informed decisions and conduct appropriate communication with authorities, society, contractors and suppliers.


Key value proposition

  1. Systematization of methods and means of managing noise emitted from the premises of the plant.
  2. Indication of risks related to the operation of the plant and its possible expansion.
  3. Improving overall environmental performance by developing, following and implementing a Noise Management Plan into environmental management system.
  4. Ensuring that the roles and responsibilities related to noise management that apply to all employees and contractors of the plant are clearly defined.

Dedicated solution

Our client’s needs included the implementation of legal requirements (BAT), having a comprehensive approach to all aspects related to noise emission to the environment as well as updating and integrating the existing databases of noise sources. As a result of the project, the client received an updated base of noise sources, located on the plant and a noise management plan.

The team of specialists consisted of 2 acousticians, 2 measurement specialists and 2 environmental analysis specialists.

Assessment tools that were used in the project were sound level meter, SvanPC, IMMI 2019, QGIS and MS Office.


Full case study list


  • 74 The area of acoustic analysis, including the plant and it's surroundings, is 74 km2
  • +4000 noise sources identified in the area of acoustic analysis and included in the database
  • +12000 objects, such as buildings and topographic elements, forming the geometric model

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