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Acoustic consulting for a large industrial plant


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Acoustic consulting

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The cooperation with the Client began with the development of a noise reduction strategy for the existing part of the plant, due to the fact that the permissible noise level was exceeded. At the same time, the plant began to plan the expansion and a significant increase in the production, which involved adding new noise sources. In order to enable the start of the investment process, it was necessary to coordinate actions to silence existing sources and to develop acoustic guidelines for new sources. For this purpose, an acoustic consulting service was used, allowing the plant to manage noise at every stage of planning, design, investment and commissioning. The end result of the project is to ensure that the noise level in the environment is below the limit values.

The project has been in progress since 2016. Planned completion of the project – 2022.


Key value proposition

  1. Well-planned expansion of the industrial plant, taking the factor of noise emission level into account.
  2. Noise management at every stage of the noise emitter's life (from design to use).
  3. Reduction of noise emission from existing noise sources.
  4. Minimizing the risk of increased noise emissions from already existing as well as potential noise sources.

Piotr Górny

Responsible for Work Safety Regulations and Ecology, NEMAK POLAND Sp. z o.o.
KFB Acoustics has been cooperating with us since 2012 and we would like to recommend its services in the field of noise measurements and the development of noise reduction strategies for the environment. The provided services are characterized by high quality and reliability of performance. We would like to emphasize the great commitment and professionalism of the employees of this company. They are competent and able to meet the tasks set by us. We recommend KFB as a reliable and truly involved in cooperation partner.

Dedicated solution

The project assumed noise reduction from 500 existing noise sources and from 77 planned noise sources. Since the beginning of the project, we started close cooperation with the plant, design offices, contractors and other offices collaborating with the client. We had to develop acoustic guidelines for other industries in order to ensure efficient collaboration. At the current stage, we have ongoing control of the impact of design changes on noise emissions.

The team working at the client’s site was diverse and consisted of 4 acoustic specialists (involed at different stages of analysis and measurements), 2 measurement specialists, 2 environmental specialists and 3 constructors designing acoustic solutions. Tools and software used by our team included sound level meter, intensity probe, acoustic camera, CadnaA, QGIS and Inventor.

As an end product, we prepared a set of recommendations and reports, namely noise reduction strategies, the noise part of environmental impact report, internal reports on ongoing assessment of design changes, reports on the progress of works to reduce noise emissions, reports on noise measurements at environmental checkpoints and acoustic solutions to be implemented.

Full case study list


  • +1600 stationary noise sources identified at the industrial plant
  • 6 The project has already started and is planned for 6 years (2016 – 2022)
  • +3 complete changes to the expansion concept, requiring updating of all acoustic assumptions
  • 5 Integrating acoustic data from 5 different design studios, collaborating at the client's site

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