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Our services contain a variety of conceptual design works related to Architectural Acoustics. The cooperation between architects and acousticians is always a creative challenge for us.


Architectural acoustics is a field of science that answers the question how to achieve a good sound in any space in relation to its function.


Key goals of Architectural Acoustics

The key goals of acoustic design in an architectural context are:

– to provide a reduction of unwanted sounds, noise and vibrations (field of building acoustics)
– to ensure the most favourable conditions for the generation, transmission and perception of desirable sounds (mostly speech or music) inside buildings (field of room acoustics).

Building acoustics is related to the assessment and improvement of the degree of sound insulation of building elements for airborne noise and impact noise in buildings and to develop solutions for global noise control and acoustical comfort improvement.

Room acoustics deals with the effect that the geometry and surface properties of an enclosed space have on sound field, applying qualitative analysis of sound, and assessment of speech intelligibility and music perception in that space.

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