KFB works on Environmental Protection Programs Against Noise

27 Oct 2023

KFB is currently involved in preparing and implementing crucial Environmental Protection Programs Against Noise. In an increasingly noisy world, they play a pivotal role in creating healthier and more peaceful environments for everyone.

The Foundation: Strategic Noise Maps
In 2022, we laid the foundation for our initiatives by submitting the Strategic Noise Map. This map forms the basis for our comprehensive noise reduction strategies. But it doesn’t stop there.

The Next Step: Environmental Protection Program
The next critical step, in a legal context, is to develop an Environmental Protection Program against noise, grounded in the insights gained from our Strategic Noise Maps. These programs are designed on a regional scale, with KFB spearheading the effort for Lubuskie, Lubelskie, and Masovian voivodeships, the last one in collaboration with our valued partners.

Analyzing, Advising, and Legislating
Our role is more than just data collection. We meticulously analyze the results of strategic noise maps and offer recommendations on how to enhance the acoustic environment. They are also a part of legislation, as each program is a resolution of the local council, renewed every five years.

Cost Transparency for a Sound Future
Our programs don’t just identify issues; they also outline expected costs for changes. Transparency is key in our mission to create more peaceful surroundings.

Collaborating for Progress
We’ve already made significant strides in the Lubuskie, Lubelskie, and Mazowieckie voivodeships in collaboration with a consortium of partners. And we won’t stop there; we’re gearing up for similar transformative efforts in Silesia.

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