KFB’s Acoustic Research and Innovation Center Raises the Bar in Testing, Inspection, and Certification Sector!

21 Feb 2024

Todays news piece presents KFB’s state-of-the-art Acoustic Research and Innovation Center, and its capabilities that we dadicate for Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) sector.

Cutting-edge Acoustic Chambers: With nine reverberation chambers ranging from 50 to 300 cubic meters, KFB provides tailored testing solutions for the construction industry. These chambers meticulously assess vertical and horizontal samples, ensuring unparalleled acoustic scrutiny.

Laboratory Standards: KFB’s reverberation chambers are not just spaces; they are environments designed for a diffuse acoustic field, guaranteeing consistent results regardless of testing location. The epitome of clarity, these chambers provide an ideal testing ground for assessing acoustic parameters of construction elements.

What Happens in Our Reverberation Chambers?

Airborne Sound Insulation: Accredited for Testing Laboratory (No AB 1271), KFB measures the acoustic insulation of airborne sounds, ensuring compliance with international standards like ISO 10140-2 and ASTM E90 for the US market.

Reverberation Sound Absorption: Large samples, flat samples, and spatial objects undergo rigorous testing for sound absorption coefficients, ensuring optimal performance in diverse settings.

Sound Power Level Testing: KFB’s capabilities extend to verifying sound power levels in accordance with the ISO 3741 standard.

Quality Check: With these reverberation chambers, KFB sets a high standard for product quality, ensuring adherence to the highest industry benchmarks.

Diligence in Testing is a Must: At KFB, diligence in testing is non-negotiable, and meeting standards is a commitment that defines the essence of the company.

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