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Acoustic analysis of the production plant


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Scope of work

Acoustic analysis
Noise reduction strategy
Acoustic guidelines and consulting
Anti-noise solutions

Employees working in the analyzed industrial plant are organized in 25 work areas. Employees perform work related to the operation of machinery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The analyzed plant is one of the largest plants of its type in the world and the accumulation of machines in the production hall causes excessive noise.

The main business need was to assess the noise at each workstation in the hall and to create a map of the noise level distribution. Due to the large number of machines in one hall, an important aspect was the assessment of the noise generated by each of them. It was also crucial to reliably define the requirements and possibilities to reduce noise from each of the machines, as well as to assess the acoustic adaptation potential of the interior.

Key value proposition

  1. Optimizing the costs of implementing anti-noise solutions by conducting detailed noise analysis of the most numerous types of machines.
  2. Introducing acoustic concepts (including global solutions and local solutions with several options for action) to reduce noise to acceptable levels in all areas.
  3. Preparing the ranking of noise sources contributing to the overall noise at the plant.

Dedicated solution

We offered the client performing some research work on pneumatic noise of machines. The reseach was conducted and results of the research were implemented.
Acoustic adaptation of the interior was carried out, namely we introduced acoustic ceiling over the working area and acoustic encosures of machines.
Air pressure system was optimized.

The project team was composed of 1 project manager, 3 acoustic specialists,
1 constructor and 2 assembling specialists. Tools that were used for acoustic analysis: sound level meter, acoustics camera and sound intensity probe. The following software was used for the analysis of the results: Svan PC, NoiseImage, OdeonIndustrial, SketchUp, MS Office, Autodesk Inventor.

Full case study list


  • 12 machine types indentified as significant noise sources
  • 89 machines analysed for its' noise level emission
  • +200 noise sources virtually simulated in the acoustic simulations program
  • 100 measured points to calibrate the acoustic model

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