The noise of slamming doors – vibroacoustic optimization

A group of researchers from China, the USA and Australia conducted a vibroacoustic analysis of car doors. The aim of the project was to minimize the impulse noise generated when closing the vehicle door. The experiment consisted of two stages. In the first stage, the in-use measurement was carried out, with the door connected to the entire vehicle. In the first stage, the measurement was carried out under normal conditions, with the door connected to the entire vehicle. In the second step, measurements were carried out on the door insulated from the car in order to perform TPA time-domain analysis. Based on the TPA analysis, the dominant vibration transmission path was indicated and appropriate structural modifications of the door were carried out. After making changes to the structure, the effectiveness of the applied solutions was checked and a significant reduction in the vibration level was demonstrated.


Liu, Zhe, et al. “Effect of discretized transfer paths on abnormal vibration analysis and door structure improvement to reduce its vibration in the door slamming event.” Applied Acoustics 183 (2021): 108306.

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