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Noise reduction strategy update for mineral industry


Mineral industry

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Noise reduction strategy

Industrial plants are often faced with both environmental and workstations noise problems. There are cases where the two problems intersect.

On the basis of a detailed analysis of the noise emission to the environment carried out under a previous order, a wall was selected through which noise from inside the hall was transmitted to the environment. A machine, which cycles on and off and generates a short-lived noise at very high levels, proved problematic. The aim of this analysis was to create a noise reduction strategy for the interior of the hall to meet the requirements for workstations and environmental noise emissions.

Steps taken

  1. Measurements of noise emissions from the machine and levels inside hall while it is on and off. Simultaneous measurements were made at several points in the hall during the machine's operating cycle. In addition, measurements were made using an acoustic camera.
  2. Determination of sound power levels, taking into account the time of the work.
  3. Acoustic modelling.
  4. Determination of the required reduction levels for sources.
  5. Developing noise reduction strategy for goal inside and outside the hall.

Dedicated solution

The analysis identified the main areas of noise emission from the machine and a NoiseBuster acoustic enclosure was proposed as the first step of the noise reduction strategy.
In subsequent steps, vibration-acoustic isolation of selected machine components was proposed.

Full case study list

Noise reduction strategy update

  • 3 acoustic engineers
  • 1 project manager
  • 4 sources to reduce

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