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Noise reduction strategy for insulation manufacturer


Manufacture of insulation for the construction industry

Scope of work

Acoustic analysis

Noise propagation modelling

Anti-noise solutions

The problem of noise emission to the environment affects all industrial plants neighbouring acoustically protected areas. Noise abatement strategies for entire plants can be built on the basis of data provided by the manufacturers of the noise source machinery (the method recommended for planned investments) or on the basis of data obtained by measurements in situ (the method recommended for existing plants).

The client’s aim was to develop a noise reduction strategy based on acoustic measurements of existing sources in combination with data analysis of the planned investment so that no excessive noise would be caused after implementation.

Steps taken

  1. Environmental noise emission measurements including identification of the main noise sources using an acoustic camera.
  2. Noise emission measurements from the existing sources at the plant (stationary sources and those connected with internal transport).
  3. Modelling of existing and planned sources.
  4. Determination of the required reduction levels for selected sources.
  5. Proposed concepts for anti-noise solutions.

Dedicated solution

The noise reduction strategy involves the implementation of 48 anti-noise measures in 7 stages ranked in order of importance. The solutions proposed include acoustic silencers, pipe covers, acoustic enclosures, interior acoustic adaptations and acoustic screens.

The project was composed by 1 project manager and 3 acoustic specialists.


Software used on the project included CadnA, QGis, NoiseImage and MicrosoftOffice.


Full case study list

Noise reduction strategy for insulation manufacturer

  • 319 noise sources identified and measured
  • 32 planned noise sources in new area
  • 351 noise sources analysed and simulated
  • 48 noise sources to reduce

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