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Noise management plan for food indrustry factory


Food Factory

Scope of work

Acoustic analysis

Noise propagation modelling

Anti-noise solutions

The problem of noise at workplaces affects all industrial plants, regardless of the industry in which the plant operates. Designing anti-noise protection for the food industry is burdened with special requirements resulting from the need to maintain high hygienic standards. Therefore, an in-depth acoustic analysis of production halls allows for optimisation of noise reduction measures and costs.


The client’s objective was to develop a noise reduction strategy that would allow noise levels to be reduced below 80 dB(A) at each workstation. This strategy included preliminary solution concepts with predictions of their effectiveness.

Determination of the existing noise situation on the production hall

  1. Determination of the existing noise situation on the production hall.
  2. Identifying the main noise emission points.
  3. Determining the required noise reduction levels.
  4. Proposing specific concepts for anti-noise solutions and predicting their effectiveness.

Dedicated solution

The analysis included a recommended localization, area and shape for the acoustic adaptation of the hall ceiling (optimised in terms of effectiveness and cost). Solutions for compressed air systems and actuators were proposed, which could be implemented on all surveyed production lines. Proposals were made for enclosures and acoustic screens.


The project was composed by 1 project manager and 4 acoustic specialists.

Software used on the project included Odeon Industrial, SketchUp, NoiseImage and MicrosoftOffice.

Full case study list

Noise management plan for food indrustry factory

  • 122 noise sources indentified and simulated
  • 3400 m2 of production hall analised
  • 17 sound surces choosen to reduce in the first stage

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