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Acoustic analysis of the renovation plant


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Scope of work

Acoustic analysis
Noise reduction strategy
Acoustic guidelines
Acoustic consulting
Anti-noise solutions

The industrial plant employs workers organized in 18 work areas. Employees perform manual and machine maintenance work 24 hours a day in four-week work cycles. The performed activities and machines generate excessive noise in most of the analyzed areas.

Due to the long-lasting work cycle (4 weeks), the basic need of the client was unambiguous, clear and reliable determination of the average noise level in the hall for the cycle. An important aspect from the strategic point of view for the plant was the separation of machine noise from the noise of manual work and indication of possible anti-noise solutions for selected types of machines and operations. Information obtained in this way can be used for the existing hall and in the future, during the expansion of the plant.

Key value proposition

  1. Reporting to the client on the average noise at workplaces during the full work cycle and identifying areas where noise standards are exceeded.
  2. Making the noise ranking from machinery and manual work, contributing to the overall noise at the plant.
  3. Preparing acoustic concepts in order to reduce noise to acceptable levels in all areas.

Dedicated solution

The client received an information about the loudest areas on the plant together with solution proposals for machines and workstations. The proposal included such solutions as acoustic enclosures and quiet stations for manual work.

The team working on the client’s site consisted of 1 project manager and 5 acoustic specialists. The following acoustic tools were used for measurements: sound level meter, acoustic camera and omnidirectional sound source. Software used during the project was Svan PC, NoiseImage, OdeonIndustrial, SketchUp, QGis and MS Office.

Full case study list


  • 200 noise sources, including machines and manual work stations, tested for noise emissions
  • 100 machines analysed as potential noise sources
  • +40 noise sources to reduce indicated as a result of acoustics analysis
  • +36K m2 of production hall analyzed for potential noise sources

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