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02 Oct 2023

In an exciting development, Karolina Jaruszewska and Rui Zeng have taken stage at the ActaReBuild conference, an initiative by the European Training Network. The organisation is renowned for its commitment to sustainable innovation.

The ActaReBuild conference is designed to catalyze research and training in the realm of retrofitting office buildings across Europe, with an unwavering focus on sustainable materials and building components. The primary objective is to revolutionize the acoustic and thermal performance of renovated structures while substantially reducing carbon emissions.

Doctoral candidates fortunate enough to be part of this prestigious network will undergo specialized research training, equipping them with the versatile skill set needed for thriving careers in this ever-evolving field. This all-encompassing program encompasses hands-on research, collaborative PhD degree supervision, valuable industry secondments, as well as active participation in a rich array of courses and workshops.

With Karolina Jaruszewska and Rui Zeng’s participation in ActaReBuild, we anticipate a significant leap forward in the sustainable transformation of Europe’s built environment. Their involvement signifies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable building solutions, echoing the core values of the ActaReBuild initiative.

About ActaReBuild

ActaReBuild is a pioneering European Training Network committed to advancing sustainable retrofitting of office buildings across Europe. The network provides its participants with the expertise and tools needed to drive innovation in the field of sustainable construction.

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