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Noise reduction strategy update for chemical industry


Chemical Industry

Scope of work

Acoustic analysis

Noise propagation modelling

Anti-noise solutions


Major industrial plants control environmental noise emission forecasts during planned changes at the plant.

The client’s objective was to update the noise reduction strategy in the context of the construction of a new section of in-plant road. The design goal was to determine the conception of an optimized noise screen along the planned road and its impact on the existing plant-wide noise reduction strategy. The strategy update included pro-environmental solutions.

Steps taken

  1. Environmental noise emission measurements including identification of the main noise sources using an acoustic camera.
  2. Update the acoustic power levels of the sources in the department where the investment is planned.
  3. Acoustic model update.
  4. Determination of the required reduction levels for selected sources.
  5. Update noise reduction strategy for whole plant including an optimized noise screen.

Dedicated solution

The noise reduction strategy involves building a screen over 300 meters long which will decrease the number of sources to be reduced throughout the plant by 50. The proposed screen includes pro-environmental solutions.

The project was composed by 1 project manager and 2 acoustic specialists.

Software used on the project included CadnA, QGis, NoiseImage and MicrosoftOffice.

Full case study list

Noise reduction strategy update

  • 1500 noise sources simulated
  • 40 noise sources updated based on measurements
  • 200 noise sources to reduce after applying the screen

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