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Acoustic optimization of the dumper


Manufacturer of construction equipment



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Acoustic analysis

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The problem of noise at the operator’s position and noise emitted to the environment also applies to construction machinery. Machines’ manufacturers are obliged not only to declare the values ​​of the appropriate noise indicators, but also not to exceed the permissible standards of these indicators.

The client’s need was to reduce the level of the truck’s acoustic power and the level inside the cabin by the indicated value, assuming the maximum allowable cost of acoustic protection. The search for solutions required constant contact between the project team and a business representative.

Key value proposition

  1. Establishing the main noise sources and transmission paths in the product.
  2. Preparing concepts of solutions allowing to reduce the level of noise emitted to the cabin and the surroundings of the truck by the required value.
  3. Introducing acoustic optimization requirements for new dumpers.

Dedicated solution

The solution prepared for the client included the acoustic optimization of the engine and fan surroundings as well as introducing solutions to reduce vibration transmitted over the construction of the dump truck.

The project team consisted of multiple specialists: 1 project manager, 3 acoustic specialists, 2 measurement specialists, 1 constructor and 2 assembling specialists.

Several acoustic tools were used in the project: Squadriga, two acoustics cameras, sound intensity probe and omnidirectional sound source. Our specialists were using the following software: Artemis, NoiseImage, OdeonIndustrial, SketchUp, MS Office, COMSOL and Autodesk Inventor.


Full case study list


  • 190 hours spent on taking acoustic measurements in order to assess the problem
  • +12 potential conceptions of acoustic solutions developed and measured in situ
  • 100 litres of fuel burned during taking the measurements
  • +30 acoustic solutions simulated during the project

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